What is a Denturist:

A Denturist is a recognized health professional who constructs, inserts and adjusts removable dentures as well as over dentures on implants. Most licensed Denturists have served many years fabricating dentures. Furthermore, they passed a comprehensive practical exam on the fitting and making of dentures along with a thorough written examination conducted through the State of Washington Board of Denturist.
A Denturist is trained not only in the construction of dentures but also educated in microbiology, physiology, oral pathology, head and neck anatomy and more. Denturists are an important part of the community of dental care providers.

When you seek the care of a Denturist you will find that as a patient you play an active role in the discussion of what you desire for your new dentures. Remember, you are in the hands of a professional who specializes only in the making of removable prosthodontics. Your Denturist will involve you in the steps necessary to ensure your dentures fit properly and meet your full expectations.

Techniques that our highly trained Denturist will incorporate into making your dentures or partial dentures are often over looked or simply just not considered in may high volume competitors. The most often overlooked element of a denture is the functionality. We ensure that your dentures are designed from the very start with all the proper “excursions” that allow you the ability chew effectively and minimize long term wear on the denture teeth.