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If you’re looking for braces to give you that perfect smile this year, look no further than Invisalign® clear plastic braces. These braces have many advantages that make them very popular:

• Removable- easier to maintain oral hygiene, can eat what you want, take out for sports and playing instruments
• Virtually Invisible- more aesthetic than metal braces and clear braces
• Comfortable- no wires or brackets against the inside of your mouth
• 3-D simulation- video gives patient an idea of the treatment goal prior to starting treatment and may be a motivating factor
• Fewer Emergencies- no poking wires or broken brackets
• FDA approved material- safe and no concern over metal allergies
• Treatment of choice- for certain malocclusions, it may produce a better result in a shorter amount of time

Now, it wouldn’t be fair to the other braces if they were perfect in every way, so here are some draw backs that you should be aware of:

• Trouble fixing large gaps, severely rotated teeth, and large over- or underbites
• Often more expensive than traditional braces
• Require removal for eating anything except water
• You may develop a temporary lisp while getting used to them

To learn more about Invisalign clear aligners, contact Express Dental Care in Lynnwood, Washington, today. Dr. Matthew Hernandez and our caring team will take excellent care of your teeth.